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A professionally installed septic system is an essential investment that’s well worth looking in to. At Kerkhoff Excavating + Septic, we’re fully certified professionals, specializing in the design and installation of efficient and long-lasting septic systems.

We’ve been servicing Chilliwack and the surrounding areas since 2005. As a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP), we’re certified and experienced in the design and installation of a wide range of septic and on-site wastewater systems. Our experience includes design, repair, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of systems:

  • Pressure septic systems

  • Mounds and raised beds septic systems

  • Dispersal systems

  • Pipe and gravel fields septic systems and more

Each of our septic systems is designed specifically for your site requirements, and professionally installed according to Provincial Regulations and in accordance with your local Health Authority regulations.


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Kerkhoff Excavating + Septic proudly provides a wide range of excavating services to clients in the Lower Mainland. Specializing in both residential and commercial industries, we complete demolitions, basement and other excavations, trenching, final grading, back filling, material supply and landscaping services.

We have several machines in a range of sizes, allowing us to maximize our efficiency while ensuring we can meet your site requirements while doing our work.