Sewage back-up in buildings. This may be caused by a blockage in plumbing, excess water usage from a leaky tap or running toilet, roots that have clogged the pipes, freezing or pump failure. Some solutions may include reducing water use, repairing leaky taps and toilets and consulting a ROWP to check the pump and possibly clean out the septic tank.

Sewage surfacing in the yard. This may be caused by excess water entering the system, system blockages, improper system elevations, undersized drainfield, or a pump or controls failure. Solutions may include reducing water usage, consulting a ROWP and using a vacuum truck service. The area should be fenced off until the problem is fixed.

Sewage Odour Indoors. This issue could be caused by sewage backup in the house, the roof vent frozen shut, improper plumbing or sewage surfacing in the yard. Solutions may include checking and clearing the roof vent, consulting a plumber, or consulting an ROWP to check the pump and possibly clean out the septic tank.

Sewage Odour Outdoors. This issue may be caused by sewage surfacing in the yard, damage to the inspection pipe cap, a partially or fully open manhole cover, or a malfunctioning drainfield. Some solutions may include checking or replacing the inspection pipe cap, immediately replacing and securing the manhole, or consulting an ROWP to repair or replace the drainfield.

System Alarm Activated. Causes may include a tripped electrical breaker for the effluent pump, the pump may be unplugged, or the controls may be malfunctioning. Some solutions may include to check the breaker and plugs, consult an ROWP to check the controls and alarm, or replace the pump.

Distribution pipes/drainfield has frozen. This may cause your system to become inoperable. Causes may include foot or vehicle traffic over the drainfield piping or improper construction. Solutions may include fencing off the area and having a ROWP to check the construction.

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