equipment capabilities

Our equipment can tackle a wide variety of excavations. With the advantage of the "spin ace" design feature, these machines have been built for working in tight confines requiring merely a few feet of clearance to achieve 360 degree movement. For very restrictive areas and small residential lots, our mini excavator's 5' 2" clearance means better accessibility while maintaining the capability to move dirt quickly and efficiently. For civil applications, the rubber tire backhoe has versatility of an excavator and a loader in one machine. Also take advantage of the hoe-pack for compaction, as well as forks to help in pipe handling and moving pallets.

Starting a new house or shop? Call Kerkhoff Excavating today to discuss how we can help you! We are proficient at excavating foundations, soil management, and offsite hauling, as well as calculating elevations and grades. Once the concrete is done, we can take care of the entire back-fill. This can include drain-tile and rainwater system, rock pit, sump/catch basin, utilities (water/hydro/telephone/storm/sanitary), slab and driveway preparation.

Foundations + backfilling

retaining walls

Whatever your landscaping needs may be, Kerkhoff Excavating is well equipped to deal with your property work. We have built many different types of retaining walls, including Lock-block, Allan block, and rock walls.

We have worked with crews installing mainlines in many municipalities in the Fraser Valley and the Greater Vancouver area. 

mainline excavating + servicing

Not all properties are acquired ready to build on. Some may have trees, brush, black-berries, or rubbish that needs to be removed prior to development. We can take care of the entire clearing project, including falling trees, and hauling off debris.

Site Clearing