the design process

The first step in the design process is a site evaluation. We’ll come out to test your soil conditions for permeability and assess the location of seasonal high water. This may involve digging test pits by hand or machine and recording the findings. We’ll also assess surface water flows and locate wells, streams and other environmental influences. Making these assessments will guide us in designing a system that is appropriate for your site.

During our visit, we’ll ask questions about the present or proposed buildings and inquire about the square footage, number of bedrooms, and the purpose of the building (single family dwelling, restaurant, office etc.). These factors will determine the DDF (daily design flow) of your new septic system.

Step 1: site evaluation


Using the information acquired during our site visit, we’ll create a preliminary design for the septic system and provide you with a quote.

step 2: preliminary design + quote


Upon acceptance of the quote, we’ll submit the completed system design with an RSS (Record of Sewerage System) to your local Health Authority. This documentation is also required to apply for a building permit. As soon as the submission is approved, we can begin the installation of your system.

step 3: submission


For sites with existing buildings: The best time to install a septic system is during dry weather conditions. This keeps the soil structure intact and prevents smearing (smeared soil obstructs drainage).

For new construction: The installation of the septic system can be scheduled anytime after the foundation has been back filled, and prior to completion of the structure. Prior to installation, the finished grade should be established. We can provide site grading if needed.

Installation of a full septic system can range from one to five days. We’ll bring all the tools, equipment and materials required to complete your septic system.

step 4: Installation


After the installation is complete, we’ll proved an “as constructed” drawing detailing the exact locations of key system components. We’ll compile an informative package including all of your documents, and an operation and maintenance manual to be submitted to your local Health Authority accompanied by an LOC (letter of certification). The LOC is required to pass final inspection for new construction.

step 5: letter of certification


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Are you looking to get a septic system or septic tank installed on your property?  We can help with that.  We offer a complete suite of septic design, installation, inspection and maintenance services.  Kerkhoff Excavating services customers in both Chilliwack and Abbotsford for all their septic system needs.

As you may have read above, we handle it all.  From the site evaluation, to help determine the most economical system to install, based on your soil conditions, the high-water mark and more.

We’ll submit a quote to you for your new septic system or septic tank and, upon your approval, we will submit the necessary documentation required for installation of your new septic system.  Once those documents are approved, we will complete the installation.  Once complete we will get your system certified so it is ready to use.

But our job isn’t done then.  We will also manage regular maintenance and inspection of your septic system as required.

Are you ready to find out more?  If so, please complete the form above to book your site visit.  Or, if you still aren’t quite ready, please visit the rest of our site.  View our photo gallery to see some pictures of past projects and when you are ready, come back here to book your site visit.