How do I locate my septic tank and drain field?

Consult your onsite sewage disposal system site plan, as it will show where your tank and drain field are located. If you don’t have a copy of the site plan, Fraser Health be able to provide one to you if your system was installed after 2005. For systems installed prior to 2005 or those without proper record we recommend a septic inspection.

Recommended contact: Coast Mountain Earth Sciences 604-462-7106

How do I know when my septic tank needs to be pumped out?

Most households need to have their septic tanks pumped out every 3-5 years. When your tank is pumped, ask the ROWP to measure the scum and sludge layer thickness. The ROWP will then be able to determine the rate that your tank fills up with sludge, and estimate how often it should be pumped.

Recommended contact: Royal Flush Pumping and Hydrovac 604-846-0888

What types of materials should not go into your septic system?

Visit this link for a comprehensive list of items to avoid.

Should I use an additive in my septic tank?

It is not advised that you use additives in your tank. If maintained properly, there should be more than sufficient bacteria in your tank to do the job. Many additives can actually do more harm than good, by destroying beneficial bacteria and corroding concrete tanks and distribution boxes as well as degrading the soil structure in your drainfield.

What can I plant on top of my drainfield?

The best thing to plant on top of your drainfield is grass, as it holds the soil and has shallow roots. Shallow rooted native plants or wildflower meadow plants may be suitable, as they do not require much watering or maintenance. Edible plants, such as fruit or vegetables should not be planted over the drainfield.

Buying a home - what do i need to know about the septic?

When you purchase a property with a septic system, you become responsible for its health under the BC Sewerage System Regulation. Therefore, it is important to ask critical questions about the condition of the system prior to purchasing property. If the system was built after 2005, the owner is required to ensure that the system is maintained in accordance with the maintenance plan created by the system’s designer. However, systems built before 2005 most likely do not have a maintenance plan. It is generally a worthy investment to have the system inspected prior to purchasing a home.

Recommended contact: Coast Mountain Earth Sciences 604-462-7106

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